Eye of the Storm

Whirlwinds have always fascinated me.  Who didn’t watch “The Wizard of Oz” and think, I wish a whirlwind would pick up my house and drop me somewhere more colorful, exciting and  … super creepy?  Why did we want this?

I remember reading as a kid, about a group of kids who lived on a farm in the eighteen hundreds.  For some reason, their parents weren’t there one day, (parents were always missing when the important stuff happened in those books) and a storm blew through their farm.  They all had to hide in a storm cellar until it passed.  At one point the wind calmed down and everything got quiet and the two oldest kids looked at each other and said, “it isn’t over, this is just the eye of the storm”.  Fascinating.  Even as a ten-year-old this thought captivated me.  The wind that can pick up cows, cars … houses swirls all around you, but you are safe.  In the direct center of the whirlwind, there is an eye.  A calm spot.

Life is full of whirlwinds.  Let’s just face that fact.  My life is for sure.  My four children are five and under.  I have a very patient and supportive husband, but he still needs feeding and clean clothes on occasion.  I have published one novel and I’m working on another.  I homeschool, cloth diaper, blog, cook our meals, sometimes I even clean house.  I’m a super busy girl!  So where are the calm spots?  Where are the eyes in my storm?

My favorite place is a cup of coffee and a good book.  Oh yes, this is an actual place in my brain.  When I’m having my coffee, all of life melts away.  When I’m lost inside a book, nothing else really exists in that moment.  My other spots are found in the less obvious places.  A hug from my husband when he gets home from work.  Dancing in the living room with my children … with no music playing but whatever we’re singing at the top of our lungs.  A tea party in the afternoon, when there are a thousand things left to do, but we all just need to stop and enjoy each other.   You know?  The forever stuff.

There’s lots of good-for-right-now stuff.  Shoving all the children outside to play so you can clean your house, working in that cubicle so you can make enough money to enjoy your weekend, driving to soccer practice … there are even good TV shows that turn up on occasion.  Sherlock.  Enough said.  But those aren’t necessarily living.  They aren’t usually the stuff about life that we remember, unless we make them memorable.  They aren’t our eyes of the storm … they kind of ARE the storm.

So, no matter what your today is, take a couple of moments and make a little calm for yourself.  Sit in your cubicle for two minutes and eat a candy bar with your eyes closed.  Ignore people and beeps and emails for a moment and just breathe and think about chocolate.  Mmmm…

Housewives, get your hands out of the dishwater for a few minutes and enjoy a magazine, or put a couple of candles on the table and make a candlelight supper for your husband. Scroll down through your Pinterest board and actually DO one of your three hundred pins.  Just do one. Call a friend and meet for coffee.

If you’re lucky enough to be a parent, give your kids an extra long hug and think about all the people in your life who would give anything just to have their own baby.  Or better yet, think of all the children in Foster care who would give everything just to get a hug from a parent.

Singles, you are some of my favorites.  My passion and love goes to single folks, for sure.  That’s a good and hard spot to be in, but you can make it fun if you want to, and you’re the only one who can.  No one else will step in and make your life beautiful.  Plan a trip, even if it’s just for a day.  Join a community theater.  Sign up for guitar lessons.  This is the only time in your life that you won’t have to ask anyone if you can spend that extra money on that super cute pair of shoes.

To make a long story short … the things about your life that are good are your eyes in the storm.  Everyone has good they can cling to if they really think about it.  Hold onto those moments, and let the rest slip away.  Enjoy the blessings and let the curses fall on deaf ears.  Keys to happiness?  Maybe.  Ways to find calm in a whirlwind?  Now you’re talking.

Feel free to add to the calm.  Tell me what you do to find your “Eyes in the Storm”.


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